Design Your Own Wraps - Kids Activity - Little Bumble Reusable Food Wraps

Design Your Own Wraps - Kids Activity

Getting your kids involved in designing their own food wraps is not only a fun activity, it also provides the perfect opportunity for learning and awareness about reducing food waste and use of plastic wrap.
I’ve been involved in various Wrap Making holiday programs and the children have absolutely loved it!

What you’ll needNEW Little Bumble Design Your Own Wrap kit:

The Kit comes complete with:

  • Fabric squares
  • Fabric markers
  • Pre Blend Wax
  • (Note: you can also purchase these items individually if preferred).

 Additional items required to complete your wrap:

  • Baking paper
  • Iron
  • Old thick towel
  • Paper towel

Step 1 – Kids Get Creative!




Using the fabric squares and markers the kids can create their very own masterpiece. 

Once the masterpiece is complete implement the following steps to achieve the renowned Little Bumble professional finish.

Please note adult supervision is required for Steps 2 - 6.



Step 2 

Place an old thick towel on your ironing board then place a large sheet of baking paper on top. Then place your prepared fabric on top of the baking sheet. If the fabric is too large for the baking sheet, the fabric can be folded in half as the wax penetrates through double layers.

Step 3

Snap off pieces of wax & place on fabric (place blend in fridge for 5 min to snap into chunks). Amount depends on size of wrap (see chart below). Cover fabric & wax with more baking paper.

Step 4

With your iron on a medium setting (without steam), gently iron in a circular motion to melt the wax & let it soak into the fabric. Careful not to get wax onto your iron or skin. Use VERY light pressure with your ironing to ensure good thick coating. Some irons are heavy and may need to be lifted slightly upwards to prevent squeezing too much wax out of fabric.

If you press too hard the coating will be too thin and the wrap will feel like canvas. Ensure you do not press melted wax over the edge of the baking paper.

Step 5

Continue to iron until you see the melted wax form a 1cm border beyond the edges of the wrap. Then lift the top baking sheet off slowly and cautiously. Be careful of dripping top corners of the wrap so that you can hold it up to dry for 20 seconds over the baking sheet. If the wax is too hot to touch turn down the iron. Note: If your wrap sets to baking sheet, simply iron it again & heat it for longer.

Step 6

After 20 seconds it will be set and you can place it down on a table to cool. Then it is ready to test! The wrap should have enough wax on it that it will cling easily around a bowl and to itself with the warmth of your hands. If this is not the case simply repeat all steps again and add a little more wax. The perfect wraps should feel like a fruit roll up, tacky to touch!  


Learn more about our Design Your Own Wraps Kits here.

Happy wrapping! 


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