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Use and Care of Beeswax Food Wraps

How to use

 how to use beeswax wraps

Simply shape the wrap around your food items and kitchenware using the warmth of your hands to stick them down.

Our wrap's unique, naturally antimicrobial, formula allows your food to breathe, prolonging its life and keeping your food fresh and crisp, as it should be.   


How to care

how to wash beeswax wrap
Wash before first use. 


Hand wash in cool soapy water, or wipe down with a damp cloth. Once wraps are dry, store in a dry, cool place such as a pantry or drawer.


Lasts up to 1 year (and potentially much, much longer!) depending on use and care. Wear and tear with heavy use over prolonged periods of time can occur.


When your wrap has come to the end of its life, re-fresh it with our DIY Wax Blend  or alternatively compost or bury it so it returns to the earth without a trace. 



Bee aware

composting wraps
Please keep your wraps away from flames. Do not expose wraps to heat sources such as microwaves or dishwashers.

Keep out of high temperatures above 40C and harsh sunlight. Do not use for raw meats, hot foods or liquids.

Staining may occur with brightly coloured foods like blueberries or beetroot. 


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