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10 Beeswax Food Wrap Tips You Need To Know

1. Reusable and Renewable

If over time your beeswax wraps need a little TLC due to everyday wear and tear – don’t despair.

A special feature of Little Bumble wraps is that you can REFRESH them yourself!

Using our DIY Kit, you simply grate and iron – it’s that easy.

Tip: you can also contact us to refresh your wraps for you.

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2. Say Cheese

Three things you really don't need in your life when it comes to cheese:

  • Mouldy, hard and crusty ends
  • Wasting money by throwing it out
  • Sweaty cheese caused by plastic cling wrap

Cheese is one of our favourite foods to store in beeswax wraps as they are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal keeping hard and soft cheese fresh and lasting longer.

Tip: try to buy blocks of cheese and grate it yourself at home - some packaged store bought grated cheese may contain the legal, food-grade additive cellulose. It’s added to the grated cheese to prevent it from clumping in the packet.

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3. Wraps Like it Cool!

To keep wraps in tip top condition keep them away from temperatures 40C and above.

We recommend not to leave them in the car on a hot day or in direct sunlight.

Using wraps in the oven, microwave or dishwasher will soften the wax, wear it away and ultimately reduce effectiveness.

Tip: with the right TLC your wraps will last well over 12 months! 


4. Meaningful Gift Giving

Little Bumble wraps make the perfect Australian made gift to post to loved ones locally, nationally and around the world.

They’re lightweight and easily fit into an envelope. Plus, you’ll be giving an eco-friendly gift that helps with the war on food and plastic waste!

Gippsland’s finest beeswax wraps are made with all Australian ingredients including beeswax, Jojoba oil and natural pine resin.  Individually handmade with love and care at Hive Quarters right here in Gippsland, Victoria.

Tip: Bumble Gift Boxes also available or you can create your own! 


5. Wrap, Rinse, Reuse

To prolong the life of your wraps and maintain their optimum effectiveness, it's important to clean in COOL WATER only.

Using a clean cloth, gently wipe your wraps under soapy water and place on dish rack to dry.

Tip: using warm or hot water will cause the beeswax to wear down more quickly and shorten the lifespan of your wrap. 



6. Customise Your Wraps

How good would your logo look on a custom wrap?

We've created stunning wrap designs for various organisations, charities, cafes and even a wedding!

A distinctive and cost effective alternative, Little Bumble custom printed wraps work so well as corporate or event gifts, marketing tool, community initiative, merchandise and so much more.  

Tip: if you're interested in taking your marketing to the next level or looking for gifts to say thank you in a meaningful and eco-friendly way, please get in touch.

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7. Be Gentle With Your Wraps

Scrunching wraps too much will wear down the wax faster and it will begin to shift within the fabric.

Carefully fold your wraps around food with the palm of your hand and unfold them with care.

Tip: heavy handed use can shorten the wrap’s lifespan. 


8. Don't Wrap It, Pouch It!

Folding a wrap in half and then folding in the sides creates a handy pouch.

Perfect for storing leafy greens, tomatoes, beans, nuts, carrots and the list goes on!  

Tip: don't forget the 30 second rule when unwrapping your wrap from the fridge. This will help to stop the wrap from cracking.  



9. Dedicated Wraps

We recommend using a dedicated wrap for strong smelling vegetables, like onions, to ensure any residue smell doesn't penetrate other fruit and veggies if the wrap is shared.

Tip: a great way to keep your wraps organised is to label them! Little Bumble labels are a zero waste product made using fabric off-cuts. The text is stencilled with non-toxic fabric ink and hand coated in our Little Bumble wax blend.

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10. Ditch Plastic

Why use plastic when Little Bumble wraps are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

The perfect solution for keeping your food fresh for longer.

Food storage that won't cost the earth!

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