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Stainless Steel Clothes Peg - Set of 10

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Fed up with plastic pegs breaking? Why not try out a more durable and sustainable alternative today?

These beautiful pegs offer a simple and sustainable solution to your laundry needs. Made from stainless steel these pegs are durable and easy to use with a full clamping force.

The pegs won't get hot in the sun due to the small surface area and will outlast any of the plastic peg options. They can be used outdoors or indoors and are very handy around the house (use them to hang up your beeswax food wraps or even the kids drawings).

Eliminate the plastic in your laundry today and make the sustainable switch to stainless steel pegs!


Note: Unfortunately our manufacturing industry in Australia doesn't have the capability to create this sustainable product, yet! But when they do, we can’t wait to support them! Until then, these pegs are made in China by trusted & certified suppliers who are carefully checked through strict criteria.

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