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Little Bumble DIY Wax - Beeswax Blend

Want the homemade reusable food wrap experience for yourself with professional results? Want super clingly wraps that you just can’t get with beeswax alone?

Making your own wraps is easy and a full set of instructions is included. You simply snap off the required amount of wax blend, iron the wax blend into your fabric and enjoy your own hand made wraps! You only need fabric (100% cotton), an iron, baking paper and an old towel!

You can also use the DIY Wax to top up the coating on older, existing wraps to make them last even longer, by using the same method. Top ups will take much less (sometimes much less than 1/4!).

On average fabric squares will absorb the below amounts of wax. This can vary depending on the fabric used (we recomend quilters cotton or cotton poplin) so it is best to go by feel rather than an exact weight.

Mini (15x15cm) - 10gm
Xsmall (20x20cm) - 15gm
Small (25x25cm) - 20gm
Medium (30x30cm) - 35gm
Large (35x35cm) - 45gm
Xlarge (40x40cm) - 55gm
Jumbo (45x45cm) - 70gm

Prepared fabric squares are an optional extra (see listing here

To see a tutorial available on youtube click here

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