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Little Bumble Customer Satisfaction


We recently surveyed our wonderful customers to collect valuable feedback to help us improve.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey featured 20 questions across a range of topics.  The information below is a summary of responses from 156 survey participants.

Top 3 Favourite Little Bumble Products 

We asked participants to nominate their favourite products:

  1. Beeswax Reusable Wraps - 58.97%
  2. Reusable Baking Mats - 24.36% 
  3. DIY Beeswax Blend - 7.05% 

Satisfaction Ratings 

Based on their most recent purchase, we asked participants to rate satisfaction levels for product quality and effectiveness, value for money and the purchase and delivery process:

  1. Overall product quality: 97% are satisfied or very satisfied
  2. Product(s) effectiveness: 97% are satisfied or very satisfied
  3. Value: 91% are satisfied or very satisfied
  4. Purchase process: 95% are satisfied or very satisfied
  5. Delivery process: 92% are satisfied or very satisfied


Product Usage

We were really interested to know how often our customers are using their Little Bumble products:

  1. 41.7% said they use a product every day
  2. 41.7% said they use a product 2-4 times every week
  3. 16.7% said they use a product once a week 

Reusable Wrap Performance 

We are really proud of our premium beeswax formula, used to create our reusable food wraps, for its ability to keep food fresh for longer and long lasting performance -  our customers tend to agree!

We asked on average, how long do Little Bumble beeswax wraps last? 

  • 62% said between 12 months and 2 years
  • 24% said less than 12 months 


TOP PERFORMER: 80% of customers purchase Beeswax Food Wraps more than any other Little Bumble product.
QUALITY: 79.5% of customers are "very satisfied" with the overall quality of Little Bumble products they purchase.
USAGE GOALS: 69% of customers say that "reducing plastic in the home" is their most important goal when using our products.
SUSTAINABILITY: 100% of our customers tell us living a more sustainable lifestyle is important or highly important to them.
ADVOCACY: 99% of customers are likely or highly likely to recommend Little Bumble products to their family and friends.
LOYALTY: 99% of customers say they are likely or highly likely to continue using Little Bumble products in the future.




Using Little Bumble wraps is as simple as shaping a wrap around your food using the warmth of your hands to seal in the freshness.

Our wrap's unique, naturally antimicrobial, formula allows food to breathe whilst prolonging its life and keeping your food fresh and crisp, as it should be!

It's as easy as wrap, rinse and reuse. They last up to 12 months, depending on use and care, with most households finding they work beeautifully for years!

View the full range of Little Bumble 100% Aussie made reusable Wraps.



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