Vegan Food Wraps

Vegan Food Wraps

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Reusable food wraps for our vegan friends!

Introducing our NEW VEGAN Food Wraps

While our beeswax is sustainable and ethically sourced from happy bees, we wanted to create an option for those who prefer ONLY plant products. Getting the same amazing quality as beeswax is extremely difficult when using plant wax as a substitute. After extensive researching and development we have achieved results that match the superior quality of our beeswax wraps. We are proud to have perfected the ideal plant based formula to keep your food fresher for longer!
The ingredients consist of plant-based waxes, natural pine resin, organic coconut oil and jojoba oil. They are free from ALL animal products and also free from GMO and crude oil ingredients! Ticking all the boxes for the sustainable and health conscious they are reusable, all natural, antibacterial, cruelty free, zero-waste, non-toxic, renewable and biodegradable. They are also scientifically developed to a high standards and are certified Australian made and owned.
These are now available in single wraps and in our DIY kits.