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Organic Soap Berries

Organic Soap Berries

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Soap berries are the ONLY 100% NATURAL cleaner that grows on trees! They are rich in saponin - Natures Soap - a natural surfactant, reducing surface tension of the water to free dirt, grime and oils. It's amazing how well they clean clothes in the washing machine. You can even use them in the dishwasher and as a cleaning spray, shampoo, body wash, hand soap and more! Easy, natural, cheap, organic, reusable and compostable. Soap berries make for a healthier home and planet. At 11 cents per wash they will save your hip pocket as well!

No suds, no residue and no hassle! So simple to use! Just place a small handful (about 5 full shells) in the wash bag and put it into the washing machine with clothes. Use warm or hot water for best results. Once clothes are washed remove the bag and let the soap berries dry between loads. You can use the same handful of soap berries for about 4 or 5 washes depended on size of load and how heavily the clothes are soiled. The soap berries are ready to go onto the compost when they are dull and grey.

Below is an approximate number of washes per quantity of soap berries:

50gm - 30 washes

100gm - 60 washes

200gm - 120 washes

Pre-treating stains is still essential with soap berries as they will not remove stains.

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