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Single Wraps
Single Wraps
Single Wraps
Single Wraps
Single Wraps

Single Wraps

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At Little Bumble™ we believe EVERYONE can make a difference...

  • To the growing problem of PLASTIC POLLUTION
  • To the reduction in FOOD WASTAGE
  • To providing a HEALTHIER alternative to yourself and your loved ones.
  • To freeing up your precious TIME and hard earned MONEY by keeping your food fresher for longer.

Make the change TODAY and join us in making a difference one wrap at a time.

We offer a variety of 7 sizes to suit all food storage needs. Purchasing a single wrap is a simple way to add to your existing food wrap collections or an affordable way to test out our wraps! It's also the perfect gift that's meaningful and lovingly handmade in Gippsland, Australia.  

Wrap sizes and prices

Mini 15x15cm $5.50 Used for: Nuts, dried fruit, ends of carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, jars and dip bowls. Handy for tiny bits and bobs in your fridge.

XSmall 20x20cm $7.70 Used for: Capsicum, avocado, tomatoes, fresh fruit, small bowls and many other smaller items.

Small 25x25cm $9.90 Used for: Muffins, biscuits, a multitude of small fruit and veggies, as well as small cheese blocks , bread rolls or salad bowl.

Medium 30x30cm $12.10 Used for: Sandwiches, large bowls, cheese blocks up to 500gm, lunch wraps, medium sized fruit and veggies such as wedge of pumpkin.

Large 35x35cm $14.30 Used for: Large sandwiches, bowls, dinner plates, cheese blocks up to 1kg, larger fruit & veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower and pineapple.

XLarge 40x40cm $16.50 Used for: Most large fruit and vegetables such as cabbage, celery, cantaloupe as well as large salad bowls and small platters.

Jumbo 45x45cm $19.80 Used for: Large platters, trays, loaves of bread, half cut watermelon, and big bunches of leafy greens. 


Please note: Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly as these are lovingly handcut. 

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