GERF Donation $1

GERF Donation $1

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Our hearts goes out to our fellow Gippslanders that are impacted by the devistation of the raging fires in multiple areas. Thoughts and prayers are also with all members of the emergency services that continue to battle the fires. Just like many other Gippslanders, Laura and Aven, as well as other team members, have left their homes to areas outside of the warning zones. Homes and things can be replaced but its not worth risking lives so please stay alert and don't take any chances.

Little Bumble are determined to get behind Gippslands fire affected communities. We have dedicated March to raising funds for the Gippsland Emergency Relief Funds (GERF). This registered charity provide immediate short-term funds to Gippslanders affected by natural disaster events. It is completely funded by donations from businesses, community groups and individuals. Run by volunteers, all donations are returned to the community.

For EVERY online sale Little Bumble will donate $1 to the GERF. We will also make the option available for all our lovely customers to donate an extra $1 to double the donation which we will pass directly to GERF every Monday in March. We will also make this option available for customers at our markets for March.

It's amazing to see how the community is already rallying around those needing support as well the brave and tireless efforts of the emergency workers. It's such a blessing to be apart of such a resilient and caring community who can stand strong against anything. There is a long road ahead but we will band together to get behind Gippslanders.