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DIY Reusable Food Wrap


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Want the homemade beeswax wrap experience for yourself with professional results? Want super clingly beeswax wraps that you can’t get with just beeswax alone?

There are 3 additional ingredients added to Little Bumble™ wraps which give it its fabulous cling and hold – Australian Jojoba Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and Natural Pine Resin. They are all key ingredients in keeping your wraps pliable, clingy and lasting longer. Being very messy, expensive and difficult ingredients to work with, why not leave all the hard work to Little Bumble?!

Our perfect pre-blend of ingredients makes your job easy so you just grate, iron and enjoy your own hand made wraps!! Experience all the fun and enjoyment of homemade wraps while getting superior quality. You only need fabric (preferably 100% cotton) and a few simple things you already have at home, mainly an iron, grater and baking paper! Our DIY kit also act as a top up kit to keep your wraps going strong for years. As your coating on the wraps wears down it can be topped up with the DIY kit with the same method but less wax!

This kit supplies you with pre-blend wax and instructions only. PREPARED FABRIC SQUARES ARE AN OPTIONAL EXTRA (see drop down tab)

To see a tutorial available on youtube click here

Little Bumble™  offers different sizes of wax depending on the size and quantity of DIY reusable beeswax food wraps you are looking to make. The unwaxed fabric squares absorb certain amounts of wax, on average:

Mini (15x15cm) 8gm
Xsmall (20x20cm) 14gm
Small (25x25cm) 18gm
Medium (30x30cm) 30gm
Large (35x35cm) 42gm
Xlarge (40x40cm) 54gm
Jumbo (45x45cm) 66gm

Please note: this is dependent on the weight of the fabric. Quilters weight or poplin is recommended. Top ups of prewaxed wraps will take much less (sometimes much less than 1/4!).

10gm will do 1 mini wrap (15x15cm approx.) It’s a great sample to test out or give it as a little gift. Costs $0.44 per gram. $4.40

50gm will do 1 large wrap (35x35cm approx.) AND a mini OR up to 5 wraps! Perfect for those wanting to hand make their own lunch wrap or start a good collection of smaller sized wraps. Costs $0.32 per gram. $16.00

100gm will do 1 jumbo wrap (45x45cm approx.) AND a medium OR up to 10 wraps! Its great value and perfect for those wanting to hand make their own stash of wraps. Costs $0.24 per gram. $24.00

200gm THE BIG BLOCK! Have a crafternoon with friends and make up to 20 wraps!! This will do 3 jumbo wraps (45x45cm approx.) OR a large number of smaller sizes. It's huge and perfect for making for your own big stash or make some gifts. Costs $0.23 per gram! Best value for money!! $46.00


Wrap sizes and prices

Mini 15x15cm $6.60 Used for: End of zucchini, cucumber, carrot, tomato or sweet potato, jars or bottles, nuts, sultanas, small dip bowls etc.

XSmall 20x20cm $8.95 Used for: Avocado, small bowls, cut apples or pears, muesli bars, biscuits, capsicum, mango, pomegranate etc.

Small 25x25cm $11.50 Used for: Muffins, biscuits, small cheese blocks, bowls, dinner rolls, fennel, eggplant, cantaloupe, asparagus etc.

Medium 30x30cm $14.10 Used for: Sandwiches, large bowls, cheese blocks up to 500gm, lunch wraps,pumpkin, pineapple, turnips etc.

Large 35x35cm $16.95 Used for: Large bread rolls, 1kg block of cheese, pouch for beans or spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, dinner plates etc.

XLarge 40x40cm $19.95 Used for: Celery, large salad bowls, larger pouches, iceberg lettuce, casserole dishes, platters, small bread loaves etc.

Jumbo 45x45cm $23.10 Used for: Whole bread loaves, large fruit or cheese platters, trays and casserole dishes, big bunches of leafy greens etc.


Please note: Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly as these are lovingly handcut individually. 


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