School & Community Group Wholesale Information

Do you have a school/community retail space? Would you like to offer our reusable food wraps to your school or community group?

Little Bumble are now able to offer a wholesale discount to schools and community groups who wish to stock & sell products from the Little Bumble range.

Alternatively we also offer a fundraising package & educational programs


Little Bumble offer Australia's finest beeswax food wraps with superior quality and longevity due to a generous coating of wax giving the wraps extra cling. Our wraps are scientifically developed, Certified ‘Australian Made’ and are produced locally in Gippsland.

Each wrap is lovingly prepared, hand cut, hand coated, folded and packed in the Little Bumble Hive-quarters. Wraps are made using carefully selected local ingredients including 100% cotton, Victorian beeswax, natural pine resin, coconut oil and cold pressed jojoba oil. Our wraps can be refreshed and rejuvenated after their initial lifespan with our DIY wax kits, to keep them going strong for years!

We know your students, parents and community will love our wraps as much as we do!

There are no minimum orders and we have a fast turn-around time.

To apply to become a school or community group stockist please fill in the form on the following page and email back to