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DIY Wax - Plant Based Blend

Want the homemade reusable food wrap experience for yourself with professional results? Want super clingy wraps that you can’t get with just beeswax alone? Tried grating wax from solid bars and need a 'no grate' alternative? 

Grab yourself some DIY Wax and see how easy it is to make your own wraps that outperform and outlast!

Our Blend

There are 3 natural ingredients added to the Little Bumble Plant Based blend that gives it its fabulous cling and hold – Australian Jojoba Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and Natural Tree Resin. They are all key ingredients in keeping your wraps pliable, clingy and lasting longer. Being very messy, expensive and difficult ingredients to work with, why not leave all the hard work to Little Bumble?!

What you Need

  • Little Bumble DIY Wax (comes with comprehensive instructions on the whole process) use our handy calculator below to work out the quantity you require
  • Fabric (100% cotton, quilters or poplin preferred) OR purchase pre-cut scolloped edged fabric squares from us here
  • An Iron
  • Baking Paper

 The Process

  • Prepare your fabric and wax as per our comprehensive instructions
  • Just snap off the amount of wax required and iron into your fabric and enjoy your own hand made wraps!!
  • To see a tutorial available on youtube click here

On-going Wrap Maintenance

Our DIY wax can be used to top up your existing wraps to keep them going strong for years. So as the coating on the wraps wears down, just top it up using the same method but less wax (about 1/4 of the amount of wax will be sufficient)

How Much Do I Need?

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