Meet Worker Bee Bess | Little Bumble Reusable Food Wraps

Meet Worker Bee Bess

The team at Little Bumble is what makes us such a special group - a crew of dedicated local women like Bess, who believe in our mission and values.

We sat down with Bess recently to learn more about her.


How long have you been working at Little Bumble and what is your background?

I started working at Little Bumble in April 2019.  My main focus has been working at markets across Victoria selling Little Bumble products.

I have been able to see new places, meet new people, and introduce new customers to the range of Little Bumble products, and as a result help them cut down on food and plastic waste (ultimately saving them money in the long term).

After completing a Bachelor of Arts (Communication), I lived in Cambodia for a year. Upon returning home, I had a handful of jobs that centred around helping and supporting people. I love being face-to-face and meeting new people, and both working at the markets and at Hive Quarters is perfect for this.

I feel so grateful for all the experiences I have had working at Little Bumble (especially the freezing mornings setting up a market stall – never has a warm fire and a cup of tea been so appreciated!)


What do you love most about living and working in Gippsland, Victoria?

I have lived in Gippsland since I was 7 years old. Having travelled overseas and around Australia, Gippsland is one of the most beautiful, spacious and peaceful places I have found. I love that you can take a day trip in any direction and end up in completely different places – the beach, the snow, the mountains, or the city!

Also getting to work for a small business in Gippsland has opened my eyes and made me more aware of the other small businesses all around me. I take the time now to choose them over online shopping or big chain stores, when looking for gifts and other products.

There is a sense of community in Gippsland that I really love, especially at the different markets – people are willing to help without expecting anything in return, and the customers are always so easy-going and considerate.


Tell us something about you that your fellow worker-bees wouldn’t know?

When I was 20 I wanted to start learning ballet, so I joined a beginner class.

I was the oldest (by about 7 years) and the tallest. I had an absolute blast and performed in the end of year concert...I must dig out that video!


If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be?

I would want everyone to have a safe and secure place to live, and enough food to eat each day.


What inspires you to come to work every day?

Laura and my co-worker-bees! Having a supportive and friendly workplace is something I never take for granted.


Do you believe, as a nation, we can win the war on food and plastic waste?

I think, as a nation, we have all the means and know-how for winning the war on food and plastic waste.

It will always be a step at a time, but if we keep supporting and educating each other (our friends, families, co-workers, and through social media) – we have a very real chance to make an incredible difference. 


Many Little Bumble products are handmade at Hive Quarters – what product do you love creating and why?

I love creating the mini-wraps, from waxing to labelling to selling them at the markets! They are so handy and, I think, they should be in every household. Jars, half-cut veggies, cans – everyone will be able to find a use for them!


What is your favourite Little Bumble product you use at home, and do you have any tips or hacks for its use?

I love the produce bags – especially the large one.

As well as cutting out unnecessary plastic when buying potatoes at the supermarket, they are PERFECT for packing to go camping or on holidays – you can keep everything super organised.

I’m definitely going to get a few more in preparation for post-COVID holidays!!